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"Making the mystery of life

real and tangible

through a personal

experience and connection

with the natural landscape."


Mystical Earth Tours

offers sacred tours and walks,

transformational teachings

and ceremonies.

 We are three women guides & priestesses, based in Avalon-Glastonbury,

connected through our love of the magical landscape.

We provide an unique opportunity to experience the magic of the Land 

working with a treasure myth, legend, history and her-story

and through the sharing of ceremonial work . 

We believe that the energy of the sacred places we visit, 

can really open you up to your deeper knowing and intuition. 

By doing this we hope you will connect, not just with the land,

but also with who you truly are. The pathways of the Land,

guide you back home to yourself.

The Isle of Avalon
Beyond the Mists
Sacred Stones
Stonehenge, Avebury
Ancestral Mysteries

The Call of the Wild
Cornwall, Dartmoor
Elemental Myths


My colleague and I had a wonderful day exploring sacred sites with Marion, including drumming inside Westkennet Longbarrow, a leisurely exploration of the stones at Avebury, Stonehenge and a surprise trip up Wearyall Hill to see the full moon rising beyond the Tor upon return to Glastonbury. It was a lovely day, a beautiful memory!

My wife and I made a pilgrimage from Hawaii to Glastonbury to connect with Avalon and the Goddesses of this land.

We couldn't have found a better guide

than Marion. This is her passion. She is a priestess of the Goddess, full of knowledge, experience and understanding. We spent three adventurous days with her exploring Avalon, Avebury, Silbury and other magical spots. It was a perfect introduction to this ancient land and we are blessed to have met her.

I had the most wonderful experience, joining this tour. Marion and Alastair are the most amazing, caring and knowledgeable people I know. Alastair has an amazing knowledge and a fantastic way to bring this over.  I felt the presence of the ancestors . For me, it was the most amazing weekend, full of learning , sharing and caring.

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