The Isle of Avalon
Beyond the Mists
Sacred Stones
Stonehenge, Avebury
Ancestral Mysteries

The Call of the Wild
Cornwall, Dartmoor
Elemental Myths


My colleague and I had a wonderful day exploring sacred sites with Marion, including drumming inside Westkennet Longbarrow, a leisurely exploration of the stones at Avebury, Stonehenge and a surprise trip up Wearyall Hill to see the full moon rising beyond the Tor upon return to Glastonbury. It was a lovely day, a beautiful memory!

My wife and I made a pilgrimage from Hawaii to Glastonbury to connect with Avalon and the Goddesses of this land.

We couldn't have found a better guide

than Marion. This is her passion. She is a priestess of the Goddess, full of knowledge, experience and understanding. We spent three adventurous days with her exploring Avalon, Avebury, Silbury and other magical spots. It was a perfect introduction to this ancient land and we are blessed to have met her.

I had the most wonderful experience, joining this tour. Marion and Alastair are the most amazing, caring and knowledgeable people I know. Alastair has an amazing knowledge and a fantastic way to bring this over.  I felt the presence of the ancestors . For me, it was the most amazing weekend, full of learning , sharing and caring.

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