The Wild Lands of South West Britain


The soft and undulating hills of Somerset are surrounded by

the wilder and rugged lands of Dartmoor and Cornwall.

Here the elements are the rulers and we human beings bow to their power.


Both on Dartmoor as in Cornwall you can find many places where our

Ancestors came before us. Where they lived, worked and

worshipped in the rhythm of the seasons. 


These places hold a strong memory and energy which 

you can experience as you walk the land and visit the sacred sites

they left for us to ponder upon. You can visit Dartmoor in a day or you can

join us at our yearly Bronze Age Dartmoor Weekend 

(see organised tours for more info) for an even more in depth experience!



In Cornwall we have the additional legends of King Arthur. In Tintagel you

can visit Uther's castle and Merlin's Cave, as well as a modern day

Round Table experience. This combines very well with a visit to St. Nectan's Glen,

a magical place with healing powers if only for the beauty of the hidden waterfall.

A special place also to catch some magical orbs! 

Further along the Cornish coast there is the little idilyc village of Boscastle,

with a very special attaction for those who are interested:

the Museum of Witchcraft!


Would you like to make Cornwall a two or more day experience, than we can

take you even further south to visit places as the Secret Gardens of Helligan,

Saint Michaels Mount, the Men-an-Tol stones, Madron Well and

an abundance of ancient and sacred sites.


There are many other places to visit and we are happy

to see how we can accomadate you if you would like

to visit these or other wild and ancient places you feel called to.



One Day  

From £150

(£50 for 2nd person

and £25 for each next person)


Two Days

From £225

(£100 for 2nd person

and £75 for each next person)


(Prices include guiding and ceremony,

but exclude transport, accommodation, entrance fees and food)


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