The Great Earth Mysteries

No body really knows why they are there, the great Stone Circles

of Stonehenge and Avebury. They have been a mystery of centuries.

Even the latest discoveries can only make us guess why the Ancestors

created these impressive monuments. 

We cannot give you all the answers either, but we can l

et you experience the mystery, beauty and energy of these places.


Stonehenge is definitely a must see. But to experience this mystical place even better, you can (let us) make special arrangements to be in the inner circle, 

where you can really feel the impact of the massive Sarsens 

and the healing quality of the mystical Blue Stones.

An experience out of thousands!



At Avebury you can actually connect and feel the heartbeat of Mother Earth echoing in the stones. Together with West-Kennet Long barrow,

Swallow Head Spring and Silbury Hill, the Avebury Circle represent

the four phases in the circle of life.

If you are here in the right season, Manon can also organise a special

Crop circle tour for you, providing an otherworldly experience...

Avebury provides a day in a life worth a lifetime!



Talking about Sacred Stones.

Less well known but defenitely worth a visit are two other places

which can be combined and visited from Glastonbury.

Between Glastonbury and Bath you can find Stoney Littleton Burial Mound

and the three Stanton Drew Stone Circles.



A bit futher, close to Swindon, the two sacred places not to miss

are  Uffington White Horse and Brighde's Smithy Burial Mound

(also known as Wayland Smithy).


All these place are garantueed worth experiencing and offer 

a deep connection with the Earth and the Ancestors.


Tell us what combinations speak to you and 

we will provide the mystical experience!



  One Day   

From £150 pp

(+£50 for 2nd person

and +£25 for each next person)


(Prices include guiding, materials and ceremony,

but exclude transport, (special) entrance fees and food)


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