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Avalon & Celtic Wheel

This journey is an opportunity to connect with the energy of Avalon and get introduced to the Celtic traditions. The Celtic Wheel of the year allows you to be aware of nature’s energy during the annual cycle of the year. It will show you how we are connected to those energies and how we can use them for improving our connection with our own natural selves. We are part of nature but we tend to forget this in the midst of our hectic daily lives. Although the Celtic Wheel is more part of the Western Europe Seasons – the wheel will show you a way to the cycle which is part of your own country in your part of the world. The Earth cycle is every where and the more you are in tune with it, the more you flourish.


Day 1 – Saturday July 15

The introduction to Avalon

A beautiful morning walk to the Tor to connect with the energies and legends of Avalon: we pass the fairy path and will climb to the Egg stone, the centre of the labyrinth and entrance to the fairy realm where we will do a guided meditation to meet Morgana, the Queen of the fairies. We will end up in the Chalice Well for a cleansing and water ritual.

After lunch we visit the Abbey to see the graves of Arthur and Guinevere and to take a beautiful walk on the grounds. This walk will certainly take you back in time.


Day 2 – Sunday July 16 

Start of the Celtic Wheel Workshop 

The Celtic Wheel has 8 seasons, each with a different energy. We will work with 2 seasons each day – this day starting with an introduction to the Celtic Wheel and how you can use it in your daily life. We will start with the end and the beginning of the Celtic Wheel; Autumn Equinox and Samhain – the introduction to the dark time of the year when the earth goes within and we need to do some serious introspection ourselves. This involves a deep meditation at the White Spring.


Day 3 – Monday July 17 

We will work with the two seasons that represent the winter time: Winter Solstice and Imbolc .. slowly the earth starts to stir and we are preparing to opening up to the new beginning of our potentials. We experience the child in us and start fantasying and imagining. A day of play with a guest workshop of Priestess of Bridghe Marion Brigantia.


Day 4 – Tuesday July 18

Spring Equinox and Beltane are the Spring time of the year where the earth is getting her colour back and creativity flows as does passion and transformation. This is the time for us to be creative, to work with the seeds of inspiration of the winter. In nature we will work with creating an altar to activate the manifestation of our ideas and will dance to the sounds of the drum.


Day 5 – Wednesday July 19 

The summer seasons are Summer Solstice and Lammas – and we will go for the day to the largest stone circle of Europe, Avebury and work with the circle energy of the sun. This is the time that sun is most active and that our ideas are manifested and we harvest the fruits of it. It is also time to say goodbye to the sun and prepare for the winter.


Day 6 – Thursday July 20

We look back at everything we have been doing this week and prepare for a ceremony to set the intention for  a more purposeful life.

Afternoon free




The costs for this 6 day program include the following

  • Accommodation based on two people in a twin room incl breakfast

  • Transportation

  • Entrance fees

  • Guidance, workshop, ceremonies, meditations

  • Guest Workshop


The total costs are 750 pounds p.p. – excluding flight and excluding transport from or to airport. (min 6 participants required).

If you book before January, 2017 – you will get a discount of 50 pounds. Reservations are confirmed after paying a deposit of 250 pounds. For more information regarding booking, please contact Manon – or 44 7999314308.

English and Dutch spoken on this journey.

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