Brighid Walk * Circular walk working with Brighid as Goddess and Saint

A half day walk to St. Bride's Mound, stepping in the footsteps of the two guises of Brighid, 

which both have a great influence in Glastonbury and Avalon. 

Avalon Kora day walk * Circumbulating the Isle of  Avalon

A full day ceremonial walk around the Isle of Avalon, walking the directions of  

The seasonal 'Wheel of the Year' and seeing the Island from different perspectives.

The Goddess in the Landscape * Connecting with Her and your body

A day or half day walk exploring Glastonbury/Avalon as the body of Goddess in the Land,

and feeling how She resonates within your own body and life.

The Three Mary tour * Working with Mary, Mary Magdalene

and Mary of the Gaell

A half day tour exploring the hidden mysteries of these three holy women,

exploring how there is more to Christianity then meets the eye.

Walking the Esoteric Way  *  Pilgrimage of Avalon

A full day, six miles, historical pilgrim’s walk with intent, mindfulness and prayer;

recreating some of the traditions & ceremonies that were done back then

as Alice Buckton has dictated, including other ceremonies modified for today’s pilgrim. 

Grail Tour * Finding the Holy Grail in legend, the land and yourself

A full day tour of Glastonbury/Avalon connecting with the myths and legends

of the Holy Grail, as told in the Arthurian, Christian and Goddess traditions and

the reflection of those stories on your own life.

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