May 24th– 29th 2020 

Avalon is calling you
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If you feel that you have a special connection to Avalon and you feel that you are being called,  then this journey may be just what is needed.

Avalon is calling all of her people to come and help prepare the earth for the changes that are already happening.

Avalon is the mythical land known from many legends. Avalon brings transformation and love in a time of confusion and chaos. It is time to unleash her feminine power to bring the love into the world, a world ready for change.

Avalon brings out the magic in everyone and if you are hearing her call, then you know it is time.

Experience the magic of Avalon!

We invite you to experience the magic of Avalon for yourself and to come with us to the south west of England, where we will follow the legends and visit power places of Avalon.

We will take you to Glastonbury, a spiritual place of pilgrimage, also called 

The Isle of Avalon. There you will climb the Tor, a natural hill with an amazing vortex energy and also entrance to the land of the fairies and the underworld, where according to Legends, King Arthur is resting until he returns.

We will visit the ruins of the abbey, once the religious centre of England, where once the graves of Arthur and Guinevere were discovered, or so it is claimed. 



Day 1, Sunday May 24           

Arrival and welcome in Glastonbury – program starts at 1 pm, Introduction and welcome ceremony at the Goddess House.  Afterwards Joanne Mudhar, Priestess of Brighde, shall walk you to Sacred Land to connect you with the land using visualisation and meditation techniques to help you connect to Mother Earth. A guided meditation into Avalon by Manon will help put out the intentions for the journey.

Day 2,  Monday May 25     

This morning we will roam the Isle of Avalon like the Priestesses of Avalon used to  do – making a journey through the Mists of Avalon working with the myths of Avalon and guided by our own Priestess of Avalon and Priestess of Brighde-Brigantia, Marion Brigantia. It will include visiting the Tor and we will finish the morning at the Chalice Well Red Spring for a water blessing.

After Lunch we will be visiting the famous Glastonbury Abbey Ruins, which has more to offer than you think.

Day 3, Tuesday May 26      

Workshop half day: Introduction to Goddess
and the Wheel of the Year by Manon, Earth Priestess and Hedge Witch.    
Experiencing the Feminine wisdom and knowledge that we all hold inside
ourselves and a chance to ask your question to the Goddess. Lunch in
Glastonbury and time off to explore the High Street which is filled with
new age shops and healing centres.
Evening–a healing Sound Bath by Marisa Picardo –Priestess of Rhiannon.


Day 4, Wednesday May 27

A full day of Stone circles: Stonehenge and Avebury. Around Avebury is a very spiritual area and it’s where most of the crop circles are found. If there is a Crop Circle (we will be early in the season) we may be able to visit or otherwise we will certainly visit the Burial Chamber of West Kenneth Long Barrow.

Day 5, Thursday May 28    

Morning Free to explore more of Glastonbury. Afternoon walk to Gog and Magog, the ancient Oak Trees which were the start of the druids ceremonial path to the Tor. Evening: What is the message of the Oracle?

Day 6, Friday May 29         

Morning farewell ceremony before we all depart to where we came from. Itinerary finishes at 12 noon.


Avalon is also the centre of the Goddess, where she has imprinted her heart

and soul into the land. The priestesses of Avalon still hold their ceremonies to honour the Goddess and they bring the message of feminine spirituality. You will feel the embrace of the Goddess and your heart will be touched by the soul of Avalon.


We will then visit the largest stone circle of Europe in Avebury. Avebury is located in Wiltshire and this is the area where most of the crop circles are found. Near Avebury there is the man made hill of Silbury and an ancient burial mount, called West Kenneth Long Barrow. Also Stonehenge is on our list, because you cannot miss that ancient site. 

This journey can be your personal quest to your holy grail. We will take time and give you time to go within yourself and contact your soul. Be prepared to follow your intuition and open up to magical encounters. There will be contributions in the program by our Mystical Earth Tour Guides and Priestesses, each offering something special. 


The costs of this journey are £850 and it includes the accommodation

in a B&B based on sharing a twin room, transport by bus or car, the program and travel guides, entrance to mentioned sites and places, ceremonies and meditations. It does not include your return airfare or meals.

Single supplement is £150. 

Early Bird Bookings before 1st March will receive 10% discount on total price.

We will need a minimum of 4 participants for this trip and we welcome maximum 10 participants. 


For bookings and information,

please email

Your guide is Manon Tromp

I call myself a Earth Priestess – my work is to connect people again with the earth and to bring her life energy back into their lives. We are part of this Earth, but we do forget because of the demands  of modern society which is based on unnatural principals. We can loose ourselves and not know anymore what really is important – the Earth will always let you remember who you are and why you are here. I work with ceremony, ritual, the Celtic Wheel of the Year, the Elements and divination, meditation and sound. I organise sacred tours and workshops to bring you back to your sacred self. I hope to connect with you here in Avalon. 

Marion Brigantia 
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Manon Tromp
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Marisa Picardo
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